It’s a topic that doesn’t get discussed nearly enough: human trafficking. It goes on around the world, and yes, even in Connecticut.

People preying on children, mostly girls and women and holding them against their will, enslaving them in the worst possible ways. 

On this edition of “Nyberg,” Krishna Patel joins Ann. She’s an attorney and general counsel for New Canaan’s Grace Farms Foundation.

Patel is among the many creating laws which can put a stop to this. 

“In 2012, 212 children were identified here in the state of Connecticut to have been trafficked, that’s a pretty substantial number,” she said. “I think one of the biggest myths out there is that these are children who come from foster care populations.”

“Over 140, I think there’s approximately 143, came from families, were kidnapped out of a house, or who get groomed and victimized through this incredible kind of grooming process what I call this family myth dynamic that these pimps are so amazingly adept at doing.”

Patel says we are all unwittingly complicit in this evil practice just by the products we use every day. Companies who employ children as young as four in parts of the world make may of the products we use. 

How do you find out about these companies.

Go to and enlighten yourself.