The Jordan Porco Foundation, based in Hartford, is named after a young college student who took his own life.

The organization, started by his parents, is set on removing the stigma around mental health so that young people can start talking to each other.

Fresh Check Days are held on college campuses around the country. They’re a fun day designed to let young people know there is help for them.

Yale University got on board this year.

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“So, that’s where Fresh Check came about, is, how do we reach out to students who need the help who may not necessarily [be] exhibiting warning signs, because mental health looks different on everyone,” explained outreach coordinator Alex Katz. “So, how do we really reach out and reach as many students as possible and try to get past that stigma and use some peer to peer messaging to do it?”

“We had over 500 students come and register with us, maybe like 500. We ran out of stamp cards and had to print out more and there were even more than that who came by, and getting students to engage in topics of mental health, suicide, psychosis in such a public space on our campus was really incredible,” stated Sreeja Kodali, Yale student and co-president of Mind Matters.

If you want to become a young ambassador on your college campus to organize a Fresh Check Day, click here.