(WTNH) – In honor of National Dog Day, this week’s pet of the week is a handsome dog named Tyson!

Tyson is a 5-year-old caramel-colored Chihuahua. His name is said to mean “firebrand”, which is reflected in his spunky, feisty, and outgoing personality. On top of all that, he’s also loyal and incredibly brave.

Like ‘Iron Mike’, Tyson possesses the excellent resilience and endurance that comes with wisdom and age.

When Tyson first arrived at the shelter, before he got his super cool new name, his friends said he was originally known as ‘Number 9’. And in numerology, nine indicates the completion of a cycle and the possibility of new beginnings!

If you’re looking for a new beginning and need a friendly companion by your side, you’re in luck. Tyson is the dog for you!

Tyson is currently up for adoption at the Friends of New Haven Animal Shelter. Interested pet adoptees can call 203-946-8110.

To see other animals up for adoption, visit the shelter’s website.