Strategies for helping your child struggling with homework


As the school work starts to pile up, it’s easy for your child to become overwhelmed. Educational Consultant Chrissy Khachane shares four simple strategies parents can use to help.

1. Find a location in your home to where homework will be done and establish a homework center. The right location will vary depending on your family culture and your child’s particular learning style. Identify what will work best for your child (e.g. working in a quiet location away from family noise or near an adult who can help keep them on track) and outfit the area with the materials needed to complete assignments (e.g. pencil, erasers, highlighters, post-it notes, etc.). If the area is a common space (such as the kitchen counter or or dining table) consider using a portable create or bin.

2. Establish a homework time and daily homework schedule. It is ideal for your child to get in the habit of doing homework at the same time every day. In general, at least into middle school, children benefit from starting the session by sitting with an adult to review what needs to be completed and coming up with a plan. 

3. Build in breaks and choice. When creating the daily homework schedule invite your child to select the order in which they will complete assignments and planning for a short break (if needed). Some children benefit from using a timer to take a break every 10 or 15 minutes, while others prefer to take a break after completing an assignment.

4. Monitor your child’s progress with homework and make note of recurring difficulties. For some children homework can be challenging due to weaknesses in study skills or in a particular academic area. If you notice your child taking longer than the expected amount of time on an assignment or repeatedly struggling with homework it is important to reach out their teacher.

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