(WTNH) — Dreaming about a big trip this year? March begins this week, which is when many of us start dreaming of a getaway. We’re Stretching Your Dollar with destinations that may be cheaper than you thought.

Going.com is out with their list of “Where to Go in 2023,” which focuses on interesting locations that are less expensive than they have been in the past.

“So we wanted to go through and pick, you know, not just the most popular spots on the map — Paris, Orlando, Los Angeles — but places that we think really have a sort of interesting, exciting promise for 2023,” Scott Keyes, co-founder of Going.com, said.

Keyes said there are two European counties on the list where prices have gone down recently.

“Ireland and Portugal are two on there that are not we’re not necessarily the cheapest places to fly to in Europe back in 2019, but have actually added a ton of capacity over the past 12, 18 months,” Keyes said. “And so now they are consistently the cheapest places to fly to in Europe.”

Keyes said that while travel to Japan has been curtailed over the last few years, he thinks that will change.

“I think that’s going to rebound in a big way this year,” Keyes said. “I think you’re going to see, you know, well over two or 300 cheap flights popping up to Japan as a lot of airlines try to capture that demand.”

Other places on the list include Norway, Nova Scotia, and New York City. For the more adventurous, there are some less well-known places on the list like Albania, Laos, and Lithuania.