Stretch Your Dollar: Common mistakes made at tax deadline


April is here and that means if you haven’t done your taxes, you only have two weeks left to file.

We are stretching your dollar with common mistakes people make when they’re up against a deadline.

It’s crunch time! The start of April means your taxes are due soon. If you’re holding off out of fears you may owe, H&R Block’s Andrew Wagner says that you may find you’re wrong.

“There’s about $1.4 billion in unclaimed refunds just from 2015 alone. I have clients who are expecting to owe and then they’re surprised they end up getting a refund,” said Wagner. 

Not filing a return is one of the top mistakes people make this time of year. Other mistakes to beware of is leaving off big life events, failing to sign your return, not claiming age-specific deductions and another big one…

“A lot of the times we see people claiming incorrect filing status. This could happen if you are a parent and have a kid in college,” said Wagner.

All of these mistakes can add up. Bottom line is don’t want to wait until the last minute to get yours together.

Filing incorrectly or not at all can leave you with less than you’re owed.

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