March is Women’s History Month and while women today are paving the way for generations to come, some may be making a big financial mistake at home.

We are stretching your dollar with why it’s so important men and women are on the same page when it comes to their bank accounts.

Who calls the shots when it comes to your family’s finances? According to a new report, women aren’t making enough money moves.

58-percent of surveyed women say they leave crucial long term financial choices up to their male partners. That’s according to a recent study from UBS global wealth management.

Millennial women between the ages of 20 to 34 are even more likely to let men lead. With 56-percent of them passing on that responsibility to their partners.

Researchers say it’s a bad habit that can set them back financially, especially if their spouse dies or they get divorced.

On the flipside, the same study found that a couple’s long-term financial outlook improved when they worked together.

So when it comes to money, it pays to have those tough money conversations with your partner.

Experts say stay involved, don’t take the backseat and be willing to compromise.