Stretch Your Dollar: Repairing your roof after winter


Now that winter is over, it’s time to see what kind of damage old man winter did to our homes. We are stretching your dollar with one part of your home you don’t want to forget to inspect.

The bitter cold is finally behind us but the impact old man winter has on our home can be felt long after the season ends.

Spring is the time contracting experts like Matt Hibberd says you should be inspecting your property, especially your roof.

“What I’d be looking for on a roof is any tiles that are missing, falling off, they might be chipped, cracked,” said Hibberd.

This is a good example of how being proactive rather than reactive can lead to big savings.

Repairs on a roof can run you a couple thousand dollars while buying a brand new roof when the damage is done- can be closer to ten thousand dollars.

Hibberd, with Connecticut Home Remodelers, says you should inspect your attic every few months.

Here’s what you’re looking for..

“Water spots on any of the underneath. On your roof you have shingles. Under those, you have pliewood. The pliewood is one of the most important parts because if that becomes rotten or damaged, it can cause your roof to cave in or bow or sag,” said Hibberd. 

Also look at your roof from the outside and compare it to your neighbors. Does yours have any signs of aging like this home?

“Corners of shingles are starting to pop up a little bit. Almost like a piece of paper. You can see some streaking on the right side of the roof,” said Hibberd. 

It’s especially important to do this after any storms this hurricane season may bring.

Remember your insurance company will likely help cover the cost of storm damage. They won’t for basic wear and tear.

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