NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) It’s Freebie Friday and we are wrapping up a week of helping college students save money. This week we are helping you stretch your dollar with 8 apps that every college student needs to pinch pennies.

First, the “Mint” App is a great financial tool for anyone but the spending tracker and budgeting features are especially great for the broke college students.

“Scholly” is an app that matches you with scholarships! The easier the are to find the more money you can save on your education.

“Campus Books” will help you buy and sell textbooks so you can make a little money or get those overly priced textbooks at a more affordable rate.

Another one is the “Campus Foodz” app. When you don’t have moms cooking anymore, you notice meals get expensive. This one helps you find discounts and specials near your campus.

Groupon is another one that finds you food and entertainment at a discount in your area.

And “Retail Me Not”. Wherever you like to buy your back-to-school clothes, this app will alert you when there are sales at your favorite stores.

The “Monster” app helps you put your skills to work and get a job. It helps you find the jobs that are out there, you can upload your resume and get tips to succeed.

And many of you are watching the loans pile up! The “Ready for Zero” app will help you pay off loans and other debt in the most efficient way.