(WTNH) – Many couples are wedding planning now that COVID guidelines have relaxed, and while it’s an exciting time in life, experts suggest you have a few very important conversations with your soon-to-be-spouse.

Wedding bells are ringing as those ceremonies put on pause are finally given the green light as COVID restrictions ease. But as you plan out the music and table settings, experts say you also need to plan out your financial future with your spouse-to-be.

“It’s important to talk to your partner about what it is that’s important to you and make sure you prioritize for each individual,” said Emily Wood from Connecticut Wealth Management. “And when you’re working with vendors, let them know what’s most important to you so you can stick to your budget.”

The wedding itself is a big expense, but it’s what comes after you’re married that requires the most attention. Wood said that after you say “I Do,” the next big change comes around tax time.

“The first place that I would start is to review and perhaps update your withholding,” said Wood. “Many people have single holding status, and what that means is once you’re married, too much tax is taken out of that paycheck.”

Next, consider your financial goals moving forward. Some goals could be how to save up for a new home, vacations, or even retirement.

“So you and your spouse are on the same page about what’s mine, what’s yours, [and] what’s ours,” Wood said. “Without that its difficult to know if you’re on track for retirement.”

Finally, you will want a clear definition of what “recreational” spending looks like each month. You want to be sure you’re on the same page when it comes to how much is appropriate and where that money can be spent.