(WTNH) – With costs of everyday items going up, the time is now to start cutting back on spending.

Compared to last year, the cost of most everything is on the rise, such as gas and groceries. To combat overspending, the AARP shared a list of 99 tips that will help you save on a day-to-day basis. Many of those opportunities may even be right under your nose, like items you keep plugged in without using them.

“If you unplug all of those devised around the house, the coffee maker and the clock radios in the guest bedroom, the chargers, […] you can save $100 per year,” said Neil Wertheimer from the AARP Bulletin.

Wertheimer said looking around your home is the best place to start because there’s a lot there. For example, many people lose 30% of their energy through windows if they’re not covered properly. And, swapping incandescent lights for LED lightbulbs is an easy trade that can save money.

“That’s $225 on average a year in electricity savings just by switching lightbulbs. Plus they last five to 10 years,” said Wertheimer. “So you save on replacement costs.”

Food is another expense on the way up, and Wertheimer said that Americans throw out 30% of the food they buy. So use what you have before the next shop, and be patient for savings.

“You should never pay full price for your favorite ice cream brand or potato chips,” he said. “They always go on sale every 3 weeks in some kind of cycle.”

He also suggested checking yourself out at the register, you’re less likely to make an impulse buy if you do. A few other tips include choosing a vacation that doesn’t require rental cars and considering taking a break from some of your streaming subscriptions.

“If you rotate through your services but only have one active at any given time, you can save [up to] hundreds of dollars a year,” said Wertheimer.