NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Most college dorm rooms come with the basics: a bed, desk, and dresser.

If you have a roommate? Well, that space is even more cozy, presenting a challenge when it comes to finding extra storage space. We’re Stretching Your Dollar with some affordable options.

For many college-bound students, back-to-school shopping can be overwhelming. Plus, trying to fir it all into a tiny dorm room can be a challenge.

Anna Kocharian with Consumer Reports said there is a way to live large — even in a small space.

“It’s all about making the most of every square inch that is available to you,” Kocharian said. “And that means just being smart about where what you buy, where you put your items and how you organize everything in your space.”

First, come up with a game plan.

“That way you can be organized,” Kocharian said. “You’re not overpacking and you have a good sense of what you need to bring and what you need to buy.”

Closet space is limited, so be strategic when hanging clothing.

“Leave the longer items to one side and the shorter items to the other side,” Kocharian said. “And then that way, under the shorter items, you have extra space available for a freestanding storage unit.”

Outside of the closet, our second best-bet for storage is the bed. Put it on risers so you can add more storage bins below.

And remember:

“If something feels like it’s not exactly necessary, you leave it off your list,” Kocharian said. “There will be plenty of times during fall or winter break where you can always go back home and pick that item up. If you really find that you are missing it in your life.”

Also, you should always reach out to your roommate and make sure that you guys aren’t doubling up on the items that you’re bringing, so you’re not stuck with two of everything.