Stretch Your Dollar: Apartment hunting amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Stretch Your Dollar

Life amid a pandemic looks a lot different than we’re used to, but the world is adjusting. It’s time to expect things to be different for the foreseeable future. We are stretching your dollar with a look at how apartment hunting could look a lot different from here on out.

Apartment hunting isn’t what it used to be – the pre-pandemic days of physically visiting a property in person before renting are behind us.

According to Apartment Guide’s Brian Carberry, it might be for good.

“Right now you can find an apartment, do the tour, fill out an application, put down your security deposit, whatever you might need, all from the comfort of your couch.”

He says the increased use of technology to socially distance is likely to continue. That’s just while you’re looking for a place – he says expect health safety measures to continue on property as well like more cleaning and sanitizing, sign-up sheets for pools, fitness centers and other amenities, designated walking areas in common spaces.

He also expects new construction to modify with the times, adapting to a growing number of people working from home.

“There’s going to be more ability for people who are remote workers to have access to facilities within your apartment complex whether it’s a work space in your unit or in the clubhouse where you can actually have your own little cube and area.”

Carberry says in many cases, these safety measures have been implemented and people don’t seem to mind. Some luxury apartments already have some of these measures in place, but now he sees the socially distant features becoming an industry standard, so it’s time to get used to them.

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