(WTNH)– As kids head back to the classroom, they’ll likely be asking for all kinds of gadgets. We are stretching your dollar with a few ideas that can help them learn for under $100.

As your kids gear up for the classroom it’s all about fresh sneakers, new supplies, and don’t forget the gadgets.

Those can run you a pretty penny which is why techlicious.com‘s Suzanne Kantra found some under $100.

Starting with one you may already have. Did you know those smart speakers can turn into help with homework?
“Let’s say your child is reading a book and they’re stuck on a word. Instead of looking it up in the dictionary, they can just ask Alexa to help define a term or help with some math problems. So that’s a good way to save some money on that technology purchase,” said Kantra.
You can buy kid-friendly devices or add parental controls to the one you already have.

Keep science and technology students learning at home with these coding toy robots.
“So you drag and drop text to be able to have the robot move and engage with you,” said Kantra.
But it’s not just about new products. It’s also about being smart financially with the necessities which may mean a gently used product.
“Consider getting a refurbished model of a computer or smartphone that’s been factory refurbished, because that’s been signed off on by the company that built the product, and you can get a lot of cost-reduction that way,” said Kantra.
Back to school tech doesn’t have to break the budget. It’s about spending smart and keeping the learning going at home.