Stretch Your Dollar: Be wary of these online shopping scams

Stretch Your Dollar

(WTNH) — More people are shopping online this year than ever before, which is why it’s so important you recognize the signs of a scam.

News 8 is stretching your dollar to help you identify the red flags to be on alert for.

Ready, set, shop! Black Friday and Cyber Monday proved more people are adding to their virtual shopping carts this year instead of a real one with in-person shopping dropping to historic lows.

The change is creating a new opportunity for scammers preying on people who don’t usually shop this way

“Anyone is at risk; the scammers don’t care who you are or what you know, they will still steal your money,” warned Amy Nofziger, who works for AARP’s fraud watch network. “If you’re looking for one of those hot ticket items and you see it at a bargain-basement price, walk away. That’s a sure red flag.

She added, “It could be a counterfeit product, or just a way to steal your personal information.”

Don’t be afraid to pull the plug on the deal as you’re checking out if they’re asking for some untraditional form of payment like peer-to-peer transfer apps or a wire transfer.

Nofziger said you should only pay with a credit card online as it offers protections you don’t always get when you transfer money directly from your debit account.

She also said to look closely at the sites you’re on.

“Does it have misspelled words? Shotty graphics or poor grammar? That’s a red flag. Legitimate retailers take pride in their website and they put a lot of care into that so they’re certainly not going to have any poor grammar.”

Anyone is a target but seniors need to be extra careful. Remember, scammers go where the money is; they know you’re been saving your whole life.

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