(WTNH) – Like many other things in recent months, car prices are skyrocketing. The average price for a new car last month was just over $47,000, the second-highest rate ever.

That price is up nearly 13% compared to a year ago.

“Now is not a good time to buy a new car,” said Ben Preston, from Consumer Reports.

But, what if you need to buy a car? Experts have some tips to help find a good deal.

First, decide what exactly you want out of a car, and then think of some alternatives. Certain brands may cost you less than others for the same type of car.

“You can figure out some cars that are similar to what you were looking for originally that maybe are less sought after and have greater availability,” said Preston.

Because demand for new cars is high, buyers have been paying well above the sticker price lately to get them. However, choosing a different type of vehicle may save you money.

“If you go buy a full-size pickup or you go buy a large SUV, those are popular. So you’re going to pay for that,” said Brian Moody, executive editor of Kelley Blue Book. “If you want a deal, then look for the types of vehicles that people aren’t buying as much. And that’s things like sedans and hatchbacks.”

Make sure you have financing in place when you’re shopping by getting pre-approved for a loan.

Also, be sure to check out car-buying apps and local dealership websites to see what’s available. It may be helpful to consider widening your search to areas further away from your home to find more available cars.

And if you find a car you like, don’t hesitate.

“Because in this market, it’s very much a seller’s market, and whatever is available is going quickly. So when you buy your car, you have to be ready to go,” said Preston.