(WTNH) – Families across the country are struggling with the rising cost of childcare.

As parents prepare to send their kids back to school, many are worrying about how to cope with the rising costs that come with raising a child.

“Everything just keeps getting more expensive and more expensive, including child care. But what’s not going up, is the amount that people pay,’ said mother Christa Crittendon.

A new estimate from the Brookings Institute first reported in the Wall Street Journal found the price of raising a child through high school has risen to over $300,000.

To care for her child, it was easier for Crittendon to leave work than to remain at her job.

“I was bringing home in a week like $300 and the cost of childcare is $150 a week. That’s half my paycheck every single week going to daycare,” she said.

In fact, 23% of parents with infants and toddlers left their job in the past month to care for their children, according to the census bureau.

The pandemic and working from home are shifting life for working parents.

“You just never know if it’s going to get better or if it’s going to get worse. And that’s personally the hardest part for me,” said Crittendon.

Nearly three in 10 parents are juggling caring for a child while working full time. Parenting experts are offering tips in what is likely to be a year of rising childcare costs.

The leading tips are these: Check with your employer to see what childcare subsidies are offered, utilize online resources to identify affordable care options, and consider organizing parent childcare swaps.