(WTNH) — From video games to dolls, the options of what to buy kids this holiday season are endless. But finding one that’s meaningful or long-lasting when it comes to entertainment is a bit more of a challenge.

But it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

“You have to keep in mind that some of the hottest toys are not those big-ticket items. You can find super hot toys for all under $25,” said Ali Mierzejewski, senior editor at The Toy Insider.

Mierzejewski put together a gift guide to help. She says to consider the child’s age, interest, and skill as you shop. Or perhaps, the possibility of quality time spent with others.

“One of my favorites this year for under $25 is trashed. What I love about buying a game as a gift is that the whole family can play it together,” said Mierzejewski.

It’s about finding multiple ways to play or toys that grow with the child to truly get your money’s worth.

Mierzejewski says the Pixter Portable Drawing Coach is a fun way to teach kids to be creative.

“Educational toys are amazing because they kind of sneak that learning into playtime when they’re having fun. Especially with the little ones, it sparks a love for learning so they seek that out in the future,” Mierzejewski said.

Magnetic tiles for creating and building, or a dollhouse for imaginative play. Simple concepts to get the most bang for our buck and keep their mind moving beyond the holiday season.

It’s about looking for multiple ways to play or something that gets people together. This late in the game, it’s a good idea to stop into a local toy shop, they’ll be able to help choose the perfect gift.