(WTNH) – Now to easy ways to get rid of your holiday shopping debt. Legos and other toys you may have laying around your house could be the ticket to some serious and quick cash.

Legos and other toys families may have lying around could be an opportunity to make some serious cash.

“I would anticipate that the retail value of these sets is around six figures,” said Chris Lee, Lego collector.

Chris and Emily are avid Lego builders, but Legos aren’t the only toy with the potential for high returns.

“We’re seeing a big increase in toys that are currently running with a movie or theatrical release. Right now, we’re talking about Star Wars, Marvel vintage, Marvel collectibles are going up in value,” said Jordan Hembrough, pop culture expert.

So, how much can you expect to make off these toys?

“The sky’s the limit. You could actually be sitting on a fortune that a lot of people don’t even realize,” Hembrough said.

Hembrough has some tips if you think you have a hot ticket item:

Do your research. Find out if you can see your items somewhere else and then compare

Make sure your item or toy has all the accessories and weapons that it may have originally come with

Take a look at the timeliness of the toy. Do people still know what this item is today?

Collect what you love. Don’t worry about what it may or may not be worth.

If toys aren’t covering your house, consider cleaning our closets, shelves, and drawers for items to consign, which is another way to make money and clear things from your home.