(WTNH) — A slew of sales are starting this Columbus Day, and due to excessive inventory, it looks like they’re here to stay!

Amazon, Target, and Walmart are just a few retailers that want your attention by slashing prices.

“October is now becoming the official kickoff of the holiday shopping season,” said Trae Bodge, a smart shopping expert at TrueTrae.com.

With inflation at a four-decade high, causing higher food costs, rising gas prices, and increased heating bills, more Americans are worrying about their budgets.

“Inflation is up, debt is more expensive. Consumers are going to be much more careful about what they buy,” said Bodge. “Retailers are in a race to beat out the competition by presenting these early and exciting deals so they can get a piece of that pie.”

Target’s “Deal Days’ began on Oct. 6, with daily deals across all categories. Amazon’s “Prime Early Access Sale” kicks off on Oct. 11, and Walmart is holding a “Rollbacks and More” event from Oct. 10 to Oct. 13 on electronics, home goods, toys, and clothing.

Also, Macy’s, Kohl’s, and Bed, Bath, & Beyond are holding similar sales.

The good news for consumers, however, is that more good deals are available for a longer stretch of time.

Items that were “over-ordered” during the pandemic are now priced lower to be sold faster. Experts say athletic wear and leisure wear are heavily discounted, and so are bulky items that are taking up space in retailers’ warehouses like big screen TVs and furniture.

“Retailers are really looking to move that merchandise out so they can create more space for the real holiday stuff that needs to come in,” Bodge noted.

As for items where you’re better off waiting, experts said you should wait to buy fall and winter clothing. Also, most game consoles with video game bundles will be cheaper closer to the holidays, along with most toys, laptops, smartphones, and headphones.

Of course, look around for even better deals on Columbus Day, because those sales tend to be geared toward home goods and technology. But this year, it’s just another excuse to mark everything down as retailers are looking to move things off the shelf.