(WTNH) – Many are asking themselves, how can I keep up with inflation and stay out of debt at the same time? Well, one couple was able to do it.

They paid off over $100,000 in debt, and News 8 can tell you how.

The Lupos are a couple in their early thirties, who paid off more than $100,000 in debt, in just three years.

Ali ad Josh Lupo said in 2017, they were crushed by the weight of their student loan debt after Ali finished grad school. A year later, Josh lost his job while they were planning their wedding, so the couple was living paycheck to paycheck and off of credit cards.

“We realized we needed to make a change if we wanted our life to be different. And the change had to be pretty radical,” said Ali.

Inspired by the fire approach, or financial independence and early retirement, they zeroed in on what they call “the big three expenses”: food, transportation, and housing.

“Housing and transportation alone made up almost 50% to 55% of our monthly expenses,” said Josh.

The Lupos even let go of their honeymoon to help save up enough cash to purchase a duplex, which they rent out a part of to offset their housing expenses. And in an unexpected twist, they began profiting off their Instagram once they began documenting their road to financial independence.

“We started investing in real estate, we made an Instagram page that we had no intention of it becoming a full-fledged business, but it did, which really opened up a lot of opportunity for us,” Ali noted.

It’s always good to re-evaluate your finances, see what you need, and what you can do without.