(WTNH) – With both flying and driving being more expensive than usual, a cruise may actually be the best way to save some money on any upcoming summer vacations.

Travelers are finding major deals on cruise ships as prices soar for gas as well as for trips in the air. For example, a three-night Bahamas cruise from Florida on the MSC Divina is $129 per person, and $43 a night. And a five-night Western Caribbean cruise from Texas on the Carnival Breeze is $172 per person, and $34 a night.

“This a bit of a golden hour when it comes to cruising, because I truly don’t expect this pricing to last,” said Colleen McDaniel, editor-in-chief of the Cruise Critic. “We’re seeing some really spectacular deals, but we’re also hearing from the cruise lines and those who sell cruises that 2023 is booking up really strong. So if you are looking for a deal, this is the time to book.”

Traveler Ed O’Donnell typically spends his vacations in hotels, but this year he chose to do a cruise instead. He left for five nights and spent less than $100 a day.

“When the prices dropped so low, it was just incredible,” he said. “I spent literally less than $500, I think if you include parking. It was really quite fantastic.”

Ed’s tip for an extra cheap trick is this: choose an interior room. No, you won’t have a view, but on a cruise, you’ll be spending more of your time on the deck anyway. And sometimes, you may even get an upgrade.

“If you are looking to travel right now and you really want a deal, we’re seeing great deals offered in the month of September,” said McDaniel. “Now, you can still get some really nice deals in August and October, but September is that sweet spot. So if you can wait a little bit, it’s the perfect time to go.”