(WTNH) — We’re Stretching Your Dollar with eco-swaps that are budget and environmentally friendly.

It’s no secret — Americans use a lot of plastic and it’s wrecking havoc on our environment. ABC teamed up with The Cool Down, a climate brand dedicated to teaching people how to live more sustainably.

The Martin Family is ready to make some smart swaps to save money and protect the planet.

For two weeks, Ken and Mindy swapped out a bunch of common household products for greener and budget-friendly options. This started with laundry detergent; the pair tried using powder in a cardboard container,

“You only need to use a little bit,” Mindy said. “So it’s going to last a really long time.”

They also opted for dryer balls instead of dryer sheets. These can be used for a whopping 1,000 loads and are chemical-free.

“Once you try a dryer ball, you can’t go back to a dryer sheet,” Mindy said.

Next, the bathroom. This is ground zero for plastics, especially when it comes to shampoo. The Martins instead swapped-out for bar shampoo — one of these is the equivalent of two bottles of shampoo and no plastic.

“It worked surprisingly well,” Ken said. “It actually lathers much more similarly to shampoo than a soap.”

Finally, what about the kitchen, where paper towels get ripped-off for cleaning at an epic pace?

The Martins tried reusable Swedish dish towels. One towel is equivalent to 15 rolls of your average paper towel.

“You can throw them in the dishwasher with your dishes, then they just come out and you’re ready to use them again,” Mindy said.

The Atlantic reports the U.S. spends as much on paper towels for the home as every other country in the world combined.

The Martins are one couple of many who are saving money and making green adjustments to their routine.