Conn. (WTNH) — If buying a car is on your list of goals for 2023, you’re likely starting to look around to get the best bang for your buck. But, many times, the total is a lot more than what the pricetag shows. We’re Stretching Your Dollar with which “pricey extras” experts think you can say “no” to.

You’d like to think the hard work is done after you’ve negotiated the price on a new car, but it’s what comes on the paperwork after the deal that can cost you a lot extra.

Consumer Reports has a list of some of the most expensive “extras” you can disregard.

First, is “vin etching.” This could cost an extra $200 to $300, as most cars already have vins stamped in multiple places. Paying for another, they said, is a waste of money.

“Rustproofing” is another unnecessary expense. Protective coatings can run you an extra $600 to $800, but Consumer Reports said the frame, paint, and fabrics of cars today are designed to last a decade or longer.

An extended warranty can add another $2,000 to your total. Although, CR said most new cars already have factory-backed protection.

A tire warranty is another add-on to skip. Pricing varies, but experts said you only really need the extra coverage if you’re buying a Corvette, because those wheels are so pricey.

Nitrogen-filled tires, which are less susceptible to pressure changes, may seem nice, though CR said it’s another $400 expense. All tires eventually lose pressure over time, regardless of what’s in them, CR said, noting that the $400 looks a lot better in your wallet.