(WTNH) — You’ve probably been told you need to start talking to your kids about money at a young age, but this may leave you wondering what more you can be doing.

They’re life lessons that are not always taught in a classroom. This is why families are encouraged to talk about money with the little ones at home.

But money can be a complicated conversation.

If you have a child that is two to three years old, you can start with simple coin identification. For example, have them trace the spare pennies and nickles growing dust in your car.

If they’re ages four to five, it’s a great time to start “playing store” if you haven’t started already. Create play coupons and trade money for items, show them they can save their money too to use it another time.

(Word to the wise: don’t eat the playdough burgers your kids offer you!)

At ages six to eight, kids are usually ready for a trip with mom and dad to the bank! Help them open a savings account and watch their own money grow.

At nine to 12 years old, it’s a good time to learn to sell their items or set up a lemonade stand. That way, they can make their own money and build savings for something on their wish list. It also helps start a conversation on “want vs. need.”

And according to parents, 13 years old and up is when you should be able to open up about the stock market and show them how you can invest in all kinds of companies. Even ones they’re familiar with like Disney or Mattel.

You’re also encouraged to teach them about donating to charity and making it more than just a financial lesson, but one about social responsibility.