(WTNH) — Earth Day events kicked-off this weekend, which is a time designated to be good to the planet. While you’re going green, we’re Stretching Your Dollar with easy ways to save some green too.

It’s about being kind to the environment — and maybe giving yourself a little financial break too.

First, try to get back to returning some of those cans and bottles! Even if it’s one bag per month, you can not only put money back into your wallet, in some cases, you can earn store credit to put toward groceries.

Plant something in the ground, whether it’s seeds to grow your own flowers for next year, or try your hand at fruits and veggies. All lead to savings for you and are helpful to the ecosystem.

Make your own cleaning supplies. The internet has an endless number of combinations to put a simple formula together. When you use natural ingredients, rather than harsh chemicals, it’s better for you and your wallet.

While you’re cooking, be sure to place your pots and pans on the correctly sized stove burner. Remember, if a pot is too small, the remaining heat goes to waste and it doesn’t help to cook your food any faster.

Speaking of cooking, meal planning is not only good for your budget, but it also helps eliminate food waste.