(WTNH) – There are ways to save big in small ways, and as we try and beat the heat, let’s try and beat the bills too.

When it comes to the rising cost of electric bills in the summer many Americans, such as Florida resident Nicole Cheek, are feeling the heat. She experienced sticker shock firsthand this month for her single-story, 2025 square-foot home.

“Just from June to July the electric was $439. In one month, our bill went up $115,” said Cheek. “Our bill has never been this high ever. […] we’ve had to cut back tremendously on a lot when it comes to groceries and staying in more. There’s just no relief right now, and it is very frustrating.”

On average, nationwide household energy rates have increased from $.14 per week in June of last year to $.16 in June of this year. This is a 14% increase and can add up over time.

“We’re definitely seeing higher energy prices. And in many parts of the country, including where Nicole lives we’re seeing record temperatures,” said Andy Frank, founder and president of Sealed.com.

Experts like Frank say there are some quick tips you can try to help lower your electric bill for free.

“Turn up your thermostat. Clean your air conditioning filter. Wash clothes in cold water. Lower the temperature of your water heater. Enroll in an energy savings rewards program,” said Frank.

And if you want to take things a step further, you can spend some money now to save in the long run.

“Put up blackout shades on your windows. Weatherize your home. Install energy-efficient heat pumps,” Frank added.

In the meantime, Cheek said she is trying to play it cool as she tries to cut costs.

“I’m holding on to hope that something that we’re doing is going to help even if it’s just you know a little bit. We’re trying everything we can,” she said.