(WTNH) – 2021 was a difficult year financially for a lot of families. Couple that with holiday shopping and the debt may be mounting. It makes those introductory credit cards, offering zero percent APR to transfer a balance tempting.

Experts are reminding people that they should be certain they are truly paying down their debt if they choose to do that.

“If you move the debt over to this zero percent APR card and you’re making good progress, the last thing you want to do is use this old car that you just paid the balance off again for purchases you aren’t planning to pay off in the billing cycle. Because then you’re just doubling your debt,” said Nate Grant.

Nate Grant from creditcardinsider.com suggests if you have time to make improvements to your credit score, a higher score will help you not only get approved for a new card with an introductory offer, you may also get a higher credit limit, allowing you to transfer more debt over.

However, Grant says even being approved for a lower limit to pay off part of your debt interest-free may help in the long run.

He also reminds you to choose a card that will benefit you beyond the introductory offer.

“You also want to have a card that you’ll be happy with that after that, so looking into the other benefits, like cashback or rewards, if there’s some travel benefits, other things on the card when you’re shopping around for balance transfer options, it’s good to keep those other things in the back of your mind so you have more value beyond just the balance transfer option,” Grant said.