(WTNH) – The end of summer is fast approaching, and for many of us, summer vacations are just a memory. So, now is a good time to start planning your next trip.

After a summer of unexpectedly high airfares due to fuel cost increases and high demand, prices are finally dropping. And experts say there are good deals to be had, starting with what’s called the “shoulder season”.

“Shoulder season is this concept of right before summer begins or right after summer ends when the weather is still great, but the actual number of people traveling really starts to fall off,” said Scott Keyes, from Scott’s Cheap Flights.

“So if you do have the flexibility to travel in September, in October, not only are you going to see far fewer tourists on your trip, as a result, you’re also going to see far cheaper fares for the places you want to go,” he said.

Keyes said the best time to book a flight is during what’s known as the Goldilocks window.

“If you’re traveling domestically, about one to three months in advance is when you’re most likely to see cheap flights. If you’re traveling internationally, it’s about two to eight months in advance when you tend to see those cheap flights popping up,” he noted.

If you’re thinking about a trip in September or October, popular family destinations like Hawaii and Florida can be good choices since kids are back in school. If you’re looking for something with a little less tourist traffic, think about traveling right after the holidays.

“Across the globe, January and February, at least in the northern hemisphere, tend to be the least popular months for travel, and thus the months when you’re going to find the most deals, the cheapest flights,” said Keyes.

And the best week to get great deals on international flights might surprise you.

“Many folks don’t think of Thanksgiving and cheap flights as going together, but that’s mostly because people tend to travel domestically on Thanksgiving,” Keyes explained. “Late November is about as unpopular a time to travel internationally as there could be. And so as a result, you see extraordinarily cheap fares over Thanksgiving week.”