(WTNH) – It’s been nearly two years since the government put student loan payments on hold to ease the financial burden amid the pandemic, but that break on payments will soon end.

As you make those resolutions, money may be near the top of the list for 2022, and for anyone with federal student loans, you’ll soon have to start paying those again.

They’re set to start back up May 1, although financial consultant John Caserta suggests you start sooner so it’s not a financial shock.

“A couple of months leading up to that, or as long as you can, start making those payments to yourself. Put them into a savings account, maybe a retirement plan, or investment account, so you get used to living without that money,” Caserta said.

The pause was on federal student loans, not private, and the change in interest rates shouldn’t impact what you pay. However, if you’re still dealing with financial hardship and paying won’t come easy, Caserta says you have options.

“If you can’t make those payments, consider changing repayment plans. There’s plenty out there to choose from that can really cap those payments. Maybe even consider consolidating,” Caserta said.

Look at income-based repayment options, pay as you earn, and others for something that works for you. You should research now what your bill will look like before the first one comes.

Caserta suggests you check studentaid.gov to remind yourself who your servicer is, what the interest rate is, and what your next payment will look like.