Conn. (WTNH) — April is Financial Literacy Month, and not just for learning about it, but also for putting a focus on bettering your bank account.

We are stretching your dollar with, with three smart money moves to make in the month of April.

The first, is to stay in good standing with Uncle Sam. Don’t forget to file your taxes by the April 18 deadline.

If you’re budgeting for a big return, don’t.

Refunds are much smaller this year with the loss of some COVID-related tax breaks.

Next, says to reduce your taxable income with last minute HSA and IRA contributions.

Before tax day, you have an opportunity to potentially deduct thousands of dollars from your taxable income, and boost savings for health expenses and retirement. A win-win.

Lastly, consider buying I Bonds before rates change.

Come May 1, the rate that’s tied directly to inflation could change.

While rates are high now, they’re lower than last year’s all-time high.

Be sure to consider pros and cons of bonds, as there are some limitations on when and how you can withdraw money.