(WTNH) – It’s still technically summer, but with the changing seasons, you may be starting to think ahead to the holidays and what you need to do financially to prepare yourself.

Though Fall is still around the corner, according to a new Bankrate survey half of holiday shoppers this year are likely to start shopping before Halloween. The report even said that 11% of people started before Sept. 1.

Inflation has a lot to do with this. It has shoppers watching where every penny goes and searching for ways to save.

One way to strategically spend is to make credit cards work for you.

Look for a card that will award you with cash or rewards if you spend a certain amount within the first 90 days or so. That can be your holiday shopping money. You could also open a 0% interest credit card and not pay any extra as you pay off those bills and plan out your shopping based on your rewards (who offers cash back and how much money in rewards you have to spend).

Planning your shopping early makes it easier to budget to pay it in full each month.

You can also start thinking about what you’ll be giving, so you can track prices and sales so you know a good deal when you see one.