(WTNH) – As summer jobs wind down, fall is going to be a popular time for a lot of people to find that next gig.

But the Delta variant is making for an uncertain future.

Businesses are finally getting back on their feet, looking for workers to keep operations moving.

Cerca Talent’s Scott Rivers says the job market is strong.

“All of these companies that have been slow over the past few months and even the past year are really pushing to get good people back in their positions,” Rivers said.

But as they rebound, the Delta variant is spreading, and some communities are slowly bringing back COVID safety measures. Despite the possibility, we could be seeing a COVID spike, Rivers says there are a number of industries in hiring mode and he doesn’t expect that will stop.

“We’ve got a lot of opportunities for nurses, a lot of opportunities for medical assistance. If you look into the service industries, every hotel and restaurant, especially in the tri-state area, they’re looking for people, so there’s opportunities there,” Rivers said.

He says businesses have learned how to operate amid a pandemic, so he doesn’t think a spike will slow their growth.

It’s why you may consider seizing the opportunity to take the next step, so spend the summer making sure your resume is complete and research the companies you’re interested in so you can bring fresh ideas to the interview.