(WTNH) – Good news for travelers, after such a surge in spring and summer travel, airfare prices are expected to drop in the fall.

As passengers deal with travel headaches, from soaring prices to canceled flights and lost luggage, there are signs of clearer skies ahead.

“After Labor Day, fares tend to drop about 50% compared to where they were in August,” said Scott Keyes from Scott’s Cheap Flights. “You might see a much better deal today for travel in September, October.”

Hopper is saying that if you were to fly round trip from New York to L.A., now is NOT the time to do it. It would cost about $475 today but is expected to drop down to $326 in a few months.

From L.A. to Miami in August, the cost for a round trip is $464. That same flight a month later is down to $272. Another round trip from Chicago to Paris in August is over $1,500, but in October it will drop to $489.

Experts say you want to give yourself at least 21 days before the fight to find the best deals.

“The Goldilocks window is about 1 to 3 months in advance,” said Keyes.

Flexibility is key here, whether or not you can choose flights on different days, at different times, or at a different airport. For families who cannot afford that sort of flexibility, experts say to make sure you are not paying any extra money for tickets that you shouldn’t be.

Keyes said one of the best tips for families is not to book all the tickets at once. For example, instead of four tickets at a time for $187, he saw an airline offering don’t to three tickets at $117. So, buy those first!

“That’s $70 over three tickets. You’re talking $210 in savings for a family of four,” said Keyes.