(WTNH) – As Americans everywhere get ready to shop for the Fourth of July holiday this weekend, inflation is hitting wallets hard.

The price of food is soaring, and according to a recent Wells Fargo inflation report, hosting a party of just 10 people could cost about 11% more than last year.

So, News 8 is stretching your dollar with some tips on how to keep costs low with some ideas on what to buy.

The best staples you can buy for a party this weekend are shrimp, pork, and beef ribs. Shrimp is a relative bargain compared to other proteins, specific to price increases. Current prices on shrimp are still below the 5-year average.

Average prices for pork are up 3.1% from last year versus 12-15% for other proteins, making it a relative bargain as well. Beef ribs have relatively stood out, with a 2% increase.

Looking at some veggie options, Wells Fargo reports that tomatoes will make a great taco-topper this weekend, with only a 1% increase this year.

And sadly, experts say we do not scream for ice cream.

The cost of a pint of ice cream is up 6% since this time last year, so it might be best to try non-dairy desserts instead such as sherberts, gelato, and popsicles. Those items have declined in price by about 4.5%.

High seasonal production rates can often create supplies that moderate prices, and lead to summer specials in the produce departments. Summer prices can also be seasonally low, as items compete against the crops from consumers’ backyard gardens.

It’s good to keep in mind that frozen meats and veggies are almost always a bit cheaper as well.

Some prices have jumped tremendously recently, such as hamburgers and hot dog buns. This year’s prices are up over 10%, versus the steady 2% from the last two years.

Lastly, retail prices for wings and chicken breasts are up 38% and 24%.

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