(WTNH) — Fall officially begins this week, and the temperatures will soon be sliding. But in the meantime, there’s plenty to do to get your home ready for the frosty temperatures!

It will be all about air conditioners one day, but then again, maybe you’ll kick on the heat by the end of the week! That’s how it goes in New England with the changing of the seasons.

This means though that it’s time to focus on your home to save money when the temperatures drop.

Auto Approve has a list of “Frugal Fall Ideas” to help us out.

First, you want to check and replace your furnace filter, have your heating system serviced to ensure it’s up to speed, and clean out your dryer vent and chimney.

Also, switch out those smoke detector batteries while you’re working inside.

Now, moving outdoors, it’s time to clean the gutters and caulk and seal any exterior wood. You should also consider a home energy assessment, and find out where there are leaks you may not know about.

There are little steps to prevent as big expensive bills over the next few months.

And it’s not a bad idea to have your air conditioning systems serviced as well, prices are likely to be dropping as we’re out of peak season and it’s just not what people are thinking about right now. It will only get more expensive as demand grows high, approaching the summer.