Conn. (WTNH) — Saving money while losing weight — we’re Stretching Your Dollar with how you can meet some of your health goals this year without breaking the bank.

A new year means resolutions, and topping many lists this year is a desire to get healthy, without spending more money.

First, if it’s a gym you’re looking for, sign up for a trial run. Most clubs offer one-week passes to let you try out their facility. So, take some classes and inspect the gym’s weight machines and locker rooms. Also, ask members what they like about the club.

If you have a Netflix account, the streaming service is teaming up with the Nike Training Club, offering all kinds of new on-demand workouts from yoga to high intensity. There’s also a guide for sleep and nutrition.

Or, if it’s your diet you want to focus on, Weight Watchers is one program offering free trial months in the new year to new subscribers. The promotion includes three months free and a bluetooth scale.

It doesn’t have to be complicated; the change you need may be achieved on your smartphone. Forbes Health has 10 best fitness apps of the year. “Fit On” is one that is free for basic services with the option to opt into live classes and utilize heart rate monitors.

See the full list of apps Forbes found here.