(WTNH) — Halloween is just a couple of weeks away, but this is not the year you want to procrastinate the holiday prep.

Before you know it the kids will be dressed up and going house to house for sweet treats. The night can be scary, but its impact on your finances doesn’t have to be!

First, experts say piecing together your own costume rather than buying a pre-packaged one is the easiest way to cut costs.

Or, if you’re still looking for costume ideas, try your local consignment shops for second-hand costumes for you or your kids. You should go quickly, as supply at those stores is limited.

Decorations are top dollar right now, so check your discounted dollar stores if you’re hosting and looking for some flair.

From costumes and decor to the good stuff: candy! You’ve likely heard there could be a shortage this year due to increased demand amid the pandemic and supply chain issues. So, you’re encouraged not to wait when buying treats.

Although there are ways to save, hard candies tend to be less expensive than chocolate.

And in some cases, you may find deals shopping in the regular candy aisle, as opposed to the pre-packaged Halloween candy bags.

And if candy is expensive, also consider some alternatives. You could get little tokens you buy at the dollar store like stickers or party favors.