Stretch Your Dollar: How much a side hustle can bring in

Stretch Your Dollar

(WTNH) — A growing number of people are taking on extra jobs to pay for living expenses. We are stretching your dollar with a look at how much those jobs can bring in.

Taking in extra work to make ends meet. Almost half of Americans have another job to bring in extra cash. That’s according to a recent survey by

That includes both full-time and part-time workers. The average side hustler brings in an extra $1,100 a month by working 12 hours a week.

Though many families rely on side hustles to make ends meet, the most common reason is disposable income, that’s according to 34-percent surveyed.

27-percent say the extra money is to boost their savings. Millennials make up the bulk of the people who have side gigs.

Experts say whether you need to put in extra hours to pay for bills or pad your savings, finding a side gig has never been easier.

And it’s not just about the extra cash. The survey found about 25-percent say they are more passionate about their side hustle than their main job or career.

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