(WTNH) — A troubling find when it comes to scammers targeting the black community. We are stretching your dollar with why black women in particular are falling victim.

You’ve been told to change your passwords, don’t answer the phone for numbers you don’t know, and don’t give out any personal information.

What we found is two out of five black adults reported that they have been targeted for a scam. Being targeted is just the start. AARP’s Shani Hosten says they also found 19% lost money and 60% have lost money more than once.

How are the scammers doing it? Experts say many of them are ‘government imposter scams’

Particularly around IRS imposters, social security callers saying that they need your personal information or COVID-19 stimulus checks.

She suggests making sure you’re on the national do not call registry list and also ask someone to help set up robo-blockers. Both can cut your chances of being targeted.

Also remember not to click any usual links that come to your via text or email. If you do fall victim, or are targeted, there’s an AARP hotline that can help!

The AARP helpline is: