Stretch Your Dollar: How to get your money back on holiday travel

Stretch Your Dollar

(ABC NEWS/WTNH) — Trying to recoup some money lost on canceled holiday travel?

News 8 is stretching your dollar with ways to get that airline refund you want.

The CDC is asking people to postpone holiday travel and stay home.

So, what do you do if your flight is booked but you’re no longer comfortable going on your trip?

The Points Guy CEO, Brian Kelly, said if getting your money back is the goal, your next step is to wait and see if the flight is canceled at the last minute.

“If you want cash in your pocket, the airline has to cancel your flight or change the time of your flight. Sometimes as little as an hour change in the flight schedule could warrant you getting a refund.”

With guidelines on foreign and domestic travel up in the air for most of the year, you’ve probably been sitting on a few travel rewards points. Don’t fret, most airlines have gotten pretty flexible with their expiration policies:

  • Delta, JetBlue and United miles never expire.
  • Southwest and United axed its points expiration policy in 2019.
  • American has paused expirations until June 30, 2021.
  • Frontier has paused expirations until further notice.
  • British Airways expire after 36 months after last activity.

“Travel pricing is a supply and demand game right now,” Kelly said. “Not a lot of people are booking future travel, so this is a great time to use your frequent flier miles.”

However, if you think travel is unlikely at all over the next year, consider redeeming rewards for non-travel options like cash back, gift cards and merchandise which are perfect for last minute holiday shopping.

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