Stretch Your Dollar: How to handle house repair calls during the coronavirus pandemic

Stretch Your Dollar

We’re all working hard to maintain social distancing but the truth is, even in a quarantine, problems may arise that require you to call a contractor or repair person to your home. We are stretching your dollar with how to handle these house calls.

From a broken appliance to a power outage, some issues are unavoidable. Here are tips that come to us from Consumer Reports.

First, when you schedule your visit, be honest about your exposure. Request a touch-free transaction, meaning no papers need to be signed and see what can be done without a visit from a contractor.

Next – prepare your home and the work area. Lay floor protection, have hand sanitizer nearby and have a planned path so the person doesn’t go into rooms or touch surfaces unnecessarily.

During the visit, stay six feet away. Have tip or payment ready in an envelop where they can easily take it on the way out. Maybe suggest peer to peer payment apps to avoid that contact altogether.

And after the visit, be sure to clean the area where the contractor was working.

Of course, you want to be very clear over the phone about the issue you’re having so you don’t have someone in your home unnecessarily.

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