(WTNH) — It’s the season for shopping. Whether you’re doing the buying or hoping to be in a position to soak up a little extra income, it’s a good time to look for work.

Businesses are hiring and an expansion to state law on employment wages makes it easier to get the pay you deserve.

Changes went into effect in Connecticut on Oct. 1. They require employers to reveal wage ranges when asked and allow employees to discuss pay freely with co-workers.

“Connecticut employees should know that they should feel comfortable sharing their wage information with coworkers without fear of retaliation or retribution,” said employment lawyer Amanda DeMatteis.

DeMatteis is a partner with Garrison Levin-Epstein Fitzgerald and Pirrotti, P.C. She says as you apply for positions, you should know you can advocate for yourself to know what others who do comparable work are making.

“So you have to ask the question, but they have to provide the wage range. What they do not have to disclose to you is what any individual employee is earning,” DeMatteis said. “The only way you can really know if you’re being paid those same wages is if there’s pay transparency, and you can talk about your wages amongst your coworkers without fear of retaliation.”

So if it’s a new chapter you’re beginning or additional income you’re seeking, you can feel comfortable knowing you’re being paid appropriately.