(WTNH) – We started the week by looking at where Thanksgiving prices are going, now take a look at how to save. We are Stretching Your Dollar with what you can do over the next two weeks to maximize savings.

Deals are dropping for your Thanksgiving dinner.

“All of the major retailers have slashed their prices because they know that consumers are on the hunt right now for discounts and sales in preparation for that Thanksgiving dinner,” said Senior Personal Finance Reporter at Insider, Jennifer Streaks, said.

At BJ’s, if you spend $150 between Nov. 1 and Nov. 9, on the same transaction, you cen get a free butterball turkey.

At ShopRite, spend $400 through Nov. 23 and receive a turkey up to 21 pounds for free. At Giant, 400- membership points can get you a turkey up to 20 pounds.

And it’s not just about the bird.

“Aldi is cutting prices on over 70 items by 50% or more, and these items include everything from stuffing. Mixed potatoes, both the fresh and prepackaged foods that you’ll need for Thanksgiving,” Co-Founder of Krazy Coupon Lady, Joanie Demer, said.

Meijer said it is offering its house brand turkey for .59 cents per pound, which they say if the price they charged for turkey back in the 30s. It’s half the price per pound of some of the other brands of turkey they offer.

“The good news for shoppers is that the landscape for sales for Thanksgiving this year is red hot. Everybody is trying to one up each other, which is resulting in really good prices for shoppers,” Demer said.

Another trend people are seeing this year is stores suggesting a menu and telling you their per-person cost.

Target said their seven-item package will cost $6.25 per person. Walmart said theirs with 12 items is $8.80 a person. Aldi said its 12-item meal is $7.88 per person

If spreading the cost of the meal out over multiple paychecks is helpful, there is still time to shop around different stores and jump on their sales for a la carte savings.