(WTNH) – The stock market’s up and downs and record inflation are creating uncertain times. We’re stretching your dollar with some moves you can make.

Many Americans are wondering what to do with their money while the average 401k retirement account lost about $6,000 in April alone.

Consider how your money is allocated. If you want to lessen your exposure to stocks, put some money into alternative funds in real estate or an art fund. You can even put it into natural resource funds that invest in water or lumber.

If possible, pay off credit card debt.

“Pay down debt, especially when the cost of debt is likely to go higher from here,” said Mark Hamrick.

“I pay $300 a month just on one car to try to stay ahead of hit, so now I actually feel like I’ve made a huge bite into it and I can manage the rest,” said Regina Salmi.

The feds raised rates, which makes all borrowing more expensive, but there is a silver lining for savers.

With that in mind, consider putting money into a high-yield savings account and be willing to look beyond the larger well-known banks. Many smaller institutions, including online banks and apps, feature good rates and low deposit requirements.

An area where Americans could feel an additional crunch in the weeks ahead is fuel prices, which means more expensive travel and groceries.

“Gasoline prices are close to record levels. Diesel prices will likely be at record levels for a good portion of the summer,” said Patrick de Haan.

Diesel prices affect what trucking companies charge to deliver groceries. To minimize the effect in your household, stock up on grocery items now and considering freezing milk and meat when you find a deal.