(WTNH) – As we head into the colder temperatures, the heat in your home will soon be in full swing. We are Stretching Your Dollar with how you can prep your home to save.

As you adjust the thermostat this winter, the degrees won’t be the only number ticking upward.

The first tip for saving money is to take steps to reduce energy consumption. Get your furnace tuned up and replace the filters.

“A tuned-up furnace will use less energy,” said Mark Wolfe, National Energy Assistance Directors’ Association.

Also, make sure you turn the thermostat down.

“Five degrees from where you normally use the furnace at can save 10% on your bill,” Wolfe said.

It will also help to apply caulk to any gaps around the house where heat could get out.

There are also payment options to ensure your electricity will not be turned off this winter.
You can go to EnergizeCT.com to compare rates and potentially switch suppliers.