Conn. (WTNH) — ‘Tis the season of giving, and with that comes an opportunity to say thank you to those who make your life easier throughout the year. But with money tight, we are Stretching Your Dollar with how to spread cheer without spreading yourself too thin.

As you’re making the final checks on your holiday to-do list, ask yourself if you should spread a little extra cheer to those who make your life easier throughout the year.

Fidelity has a 2022 Holiday Tipping Guide.

First, make a list and create a budget. Here are a few people you may want to consider:

It’s suggested to tip your mail carrier with a gift that’s worth up to $20, but remember, the Post Office forbids carriers from accepting cash, checks, or gift cards that can be used like credit cards.

When it comes to childcare, Fidelity suggests tipping your babysitter or nanny the equivalent of a session or one week’s pay. For daycare staffers, anywhere between $25 and $75, depending on how long your child is in their care.

Don’t forget your trash collector. A suggested tip is anywhere from $10 to $30 a piece. Additionally, your regular cleaning person is also in line for a tip – maybe the cost of one visit.

A hairstylist or barber is in line to receive a tip, recommended to be the cost of a visit, alongside your dog walker, house cleaner, and personal trainer.

Remember this is just a guide. If you’re strapped for cash, tipping is not mandatory. Even a nice note to express your appreciation goes a long way this time of year.