Conn. (WTNH) —There is a lot of uncertainty about job cuts in the months ahead, many who have recently lost their jobs are turning to TikTok to find their next gig. We’re Stretching Your Dollar with how social media is bringing in cash for some.

People turning to TikTok are looking for new jobs, sharing money-saving tips, and even just sharing experiences after getting laid off.

Bailey Harris, 25, was let go from her job in January. She turned to social media to encourage others who found themselves in the same situation.

“I honestly really had to just come to terms with like, I’m not employed right now,” Harris said. “And I don’t need to be ashamed of this fact. So I’m not going to be afraid to ask for help or ask for opportunities from others.”

Harris said she started saving money, starting with housing. She was upfront and asked the basic question: How can you help me make rent this month?

Then, she had to let go of unnecessary subscriptions and recurring expenses.

“I had a storage unit that really didn’t have much stuff in it,” Harris said. “So it didn’t make sense to keep paying for that every month. So took everything out of there.”

Experts said advertising your skills on social media could be a good way to get your resume and personality to a large pool of potential employers quickly.

“When you go to social media, you’re going straight to the source and if somebody that is interested in the skill set that you have to offer is listening, it is the fastest way to connect and the fastest way to get hired,” Tessa White of The Job Doctor said.

Of course, social media can also be the fastest way to get denied too. You need to ensure your pictures and posts out there are appropriate for a potential employer to see.