More people than ever are using security cameras to protect their properties from intruders and porch pirates.

But while this technology is a safety tool, you need to be careful about whether you’re opening yourself up to legal troubles.

We are stretching your dollar with the important investment you need to use carefully.

It’s surveillance footage that has more and more people installing security cameras on their homes.

Doorbell cameras like the Ring, alert the homeowner when anyone, expected or not expected, shows up on your doorstep.

But if you’re not careful, they’re capable of recording much more.

“When you place your camera, you need to make sure it’s affixed to your property, and not encroaching onto someone else’s property. Down the street, someone else’s window, bedroom window, God forbid,” said Vincent Averaimo.

Vincent Averaimo is an attorney with Milford Law.

He says homeowners can unknowingly set themselves up for legal trouble if the camera on your property is not carefully placed.

“A client came to me who was being sued by their neighbor, over, not only camera angles, but also the light that was emulating from their property,” said Averaimo.

Your neighbors have a right to privacy. It’s important to check your camera and make sure you’re not encroaching on that.

Averaimo says as these cameras become more popular, he’s seen more “invasion of privacy” cases which can be easily avoided if take time to double-check the view on your camera. Make sure it’s only your property you’re seeing.


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