Conn. (WTNH) — Investing your money is important to build wealth for your future, but where do you begin? We’re Stretching Your Dollar with a starting point.

If all of your money is in checking and savings accounts, it might be time to consider investing.

“Keeping your money parked in cash in a savings account – while that’s helpful for day to day transactions and having rainy day savings, it’s not really what’s going to ultimately get you to a place of financial security,” financial expert Farnoosh Torabi said.

Torabi said that you could earn more money over the years by investing, rather than those standard bank accounts.

“The best way to do that historically has been through investing in the stock market,” Torabi said.

Nowadays, you can outsource to automated investment platforms to set-up and manage your portfolio for you.

“You don’t need a degree for this anymore. You don’t need time for this anymore,” Torabi said. “The days of spending hours and hours and hours laboring over which investments to pick and then still not knowing you are making the right decision or not are long gone.”

The digital platforms come at a fee, but Torabi said it’s a much smaller fee than working with human advisors, who often use the same technology to guide their clients.

If you’re strapped for cash, Torabi said you don’t have to be wealthy to invest, but you do have to invest to be wealthy.

“You can open up a brokerage account, you can start investing in your company 401K with as little as $10 a day,” Torabi said. “Start with what you have.”

Torabi said the most important decision you can make is to start investing. Say to yourself you’re going to commit to this and then prioritize it.